Smith Bros. & Wilson (BC) Ltd.

Building the West Since 1897

SBW Service

General Contractor

For more than 120 years SBW has been performing lump sum General Contract projects. SBW is a full service General Contractor experienced in a wide variety of construction projects.
The easiest and most cost effective method for Owners to purchase complete construction services under one contract.

Construction Management

SBW has the experience and resources to provide construction management services for a wide range of construction projects.
Recommended for “fast track” projects that require construction start up and input while still in the design stage.
SBW provides clients with experience & knowledgeable construction supervisors who will ensure projects are performed in a cost effective and expedient manner

Design Build

SBW has worked closely with highly respected Architects and Engineers. This allows SBW to combine our expertise to provide our clients quality building solutions and cost effective projects.
This method allows Owners to purchase quality design & construction expertise from one source.
Design Build avoids the contractual conflicts that can arise between consultants and contractors, under the traditional tendering process.

Concrete Trade Contractor

SBW has our own well-trained pride driven concrete forming and placing crews.
Proven award winning expertise and knowledge in performing the most challenging concrete forming & placing projects.